So, You Think You’re a Writer?

I follow a certain writer on Twitter, and on Facebook. And her blog. Yes, I guess you could call me a social media stalker, in a sense. Which reminds me, I need to check to see if she has an Instagram….

I love her utilization of words! I am a person who is a writer, but I am more a person than a writer still. I have thought of myself as a writer, but after reading one of her books this week, I realized that I have been a person who writes, not technically a writer. Her definition of writer is much more in depth than I think most writer’s definitions are. I don’t breathe words. I don’t eat characters for breakfast. I don’t make sure that no matter what is happening in the world that I write at least 2500 words per day. And I don’t fart glitter.

When I finished her book, Blue Sparrow, a collection of her tweets concerning writers and writing, it was like I was a new Christian who had just stumbled upon the Bible for the first time. Ksenia Anske is a goddess for our time. In the world, her world of glittery farts and descriptive writer’s mayhem, for me, it was as a lamp that had been lit upon my feet (laptop?) reading Blue Sparrow. I read her tweets on Twitter on a daily basis; however, having them in book form, for easy access, well, it is my new Bible. I know now if I am having a rough day, I just need to open up this book and point to a page, much like I do with my Bible, and I will have the answer, because no matter what Ms Anske has to say, it is always the right answer if you consider yourself a writer. And if you do, and you haven’t read any of her books, like Rosehead (I have heard it will eat you, so tread softly), The Siren Suicides Trilogy, her newest, Irkadura, and of course, Blue Sparrow, then you really haven’t contemplated what it truly means to write, or to be a writer. I have always written stuff, songs, poems, short stories, etc., but never have I been able to get lost in the telling as if I am made of the paper, or the dyes for the ink. Today, I am different. Today, I am a writer. No more aspiring, just lots of writing. I feel as the cloud that becomes the water that falls as rain to join with the tree that becomes the sawdust that becomes the paper that will metamorphose into my greatest works of all time. I am the inner workings of my laptop keyboard that hammers my words into existence. In sports they always say, “Be the ball.” That never held more meaning for me than it does right now. I want to BE THE BOOK. I think Ksenia’s words are more like a mantra that someone could use in order to transform themselves into being the book, being their book, being the writer of the book that will cause all others to bow down before us as the gods and goddesses that we all are when we open and give of ourselves the way Ksenia gives.

But most of all, I want to be the glitter that she farts so I can see what crawled up her ass that gave her all of the incredibly amazing and beautiful landscapes that she shares with us. Ah, yes, to be the glittery farts and sparkly fumes of Ksenia Anske…Hey, that could be a goal…

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