A Lion in the Blue

He stood on the edge of the horizon, looking out into the vast space of It All.

Unaware he was being watched, he allowed his thoughts to wander. The membrane around the planet appeared to glow with an opalescence. He remembered when he was still tucked safely inside that membrane, breathing that air, touching that land. Looking at it in this way now made him understand the greatness of life. Now, he had a new understanding; a new appreciation for the molecular model. For the atomic sciences.

Electrons, protons, neutrons, positrons, gravitons…it all made sense on a much grander scale now. The Sun was nothing more than a nucleus. The planets: electrons and protons, some neutrons. The moon, that was the one he most understood. The moon was certainly a graviton; its coupling with the earth keeping them both in their respective playing fields. Some of the others had argued that no, the moon was a neutron, therefore its neutrality. They found out the hard way.

He also had wondered about Jupiter and Saturn, how they could be coupled with so many gravitons, but then he came to understand that, too. Those were entangled particles. There could be no means of having more than one atom occupying the same space; but, particles, or photons, now that was possible. Hell, he even now could grasp the concept of non-existence…the requirement of the entanglement was the assurance of their survival. And not merely the entanglement. That entanglement had to be observable. Without observation, there is not a thing in any plane that exists outside of its own realm of understanding.

Then, epiphany struck. For him to exist outside his own realm of understanding, outside of this, there must be something or someone observing him. But what? Or who? And where could it or they be? The planet within the opalescent membrane, although glowing, was not glowing with life. This is why he now stood on the edge of the horizon, like a lion in the blue.

With the ferocity of the wild beasts of the books, he spun around. And around, and around, and around. From the corner of his eye, he noticed her; spinning around and around and around, keeping perfect time with him, in an astral dance.


The two, they were light beings. Beings of Light in observable entanglement. They always had been, he realized. She gave him that smile that she had always given him, and from the corner of his eye, her flashings caused him to birth a new understanding: their observation of each other was all that was required to ensure their survival. Beings of Light observing their very own entanglement, like mirrors reflecting reflections into eternity.

They always had been, and they would continue to be.

In love, entangled.

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