Services Offered


White papers
Press releases
Journalistic pieces
Opinion pieces
Honest product and service reviews
Email campaigns
…and much more


For all of the above types of materials, as well as books, manuscripts, and screenplays.

*Social Media:

Creation, management, and maintenance of social media pages, as well as ad campaigns for sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
Creation, management, and maintenance of NationBuilder accounts.

Also offering expertise in:

Appointment setting
Virtual assistance
Database creation, management, and maintenance
Tutoring in all aspects of basic computer skills and office productivity software
Research (special areas of knowledge include sales & marketing, accounting, finance, internet technology, nanotechnology, physics, religion, politics, and philosophy)
Political campaign assistance with general and focused field operations and internal operations
Website creation, management, and maintenance

*Social media marketing & website maintenance packages offered in 3-, 6-, or 12-month packages

Rates are highly subjective to the individual needs of each client. Please email or call/text 509.671.6866 to discuss your requirements.